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QTS Build 20190918 [finální verze]

Vše ohledně QNAP firmwarů "QTS, QTS Hero a QES" - stabilní i beta verze.
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QTS Build 20190918 [finální verze]

Příspěvekod lars » 18 zář 2019, 16:31

Vyšel nový firmware s označením "". Odkazy pro stažení poslední verze firmware QTS budou uvedeny níže a je možné toto stáhnout i v sekci "Centrum stahování".

Important Notes

  • For the status of QTS updates and maintenance for your NAS model, visit https://www.qnap.com/en/product/eol.php
  • We have fixed the vulnerabilities in the following apps to ensure your data security: Surveillance Station, QVPN Service, Qfiling, Qsync Central, QcalAgent, and IFTTT Agent. To continue using these apps, go to the App Center and update them to the latest version.
  • For more information on the kernel versions for NAS models that QTS 4.4.1 supports, see https://www.qnap.com/en/release-note/kernel
  • Removed the following applications from App Center due to PHP 7 updates in QTS 4.4.1: "phpEasyProject", "Dolphin", "CMS Made Simple", "Vtiger CRM", "iStat", and "PostgreSQL".
  • Due to PHP 7 updates in QTS 4.4.1, PostgreSQL can no longer work with phpPgAdmin. If you use phpPgAdmin to manage your data, ensure that you have exported the data before updating QTS. To transfer your data from PostgreSQL to 11.4.1, you must manually export and then import the data.
  • Due to compatibility issues, the following applications have been removed from the App Center in QTS 4.4.1: Elephant drive, FileFlex, IDrive, MantisBT, SugarCRM, SuperSync iTunes Media Manager, Xeams, Xopero, and XoperoBackup. QNAP will soon add support for these applications in upcoming releases.
  • Once you update QTS to 4.4.1 (or later) on the TS-1635AX, you will not be able to downgrade QTS to versions earlier than 4.4.1.

New features

  • HybridMount is a new application that supports mounting cloud storage services with the cloud gateway to enhance storage access performance and integrates various QTS applications to optimize user experience. HybridMount also supports multiple network protocols to facilitate file sharing and data access. Note: HybridMount has replaced the remote mount in File Station and Connect to Cloud Drive. To use remote mount services, install HybridMount in the App Center.
  • Files on mounted Google Drive accounts (.gdoc, .gslides, .gsheet) can now be downloaded as Microsoft Office files (.docx, .pptx, .xlsx) in File Station.
  • Added support for specifying cache priority for HybridMount file shares.

Control Panel - Multimedia Console
  • Replaced Multimedia Management with Multimedia Console, which integrates media indexing, transcoding, thumbnail generation, and content management, allowing users to manage multimedia applications and services more efficiently. Multimedia Console also provides the following features: (1) Browse content in various multimedia applications in Content Management after adding folders as content sources. (2) Monitor the status of all multimedia applications and services. (3) Configure content sources for Qsirch advanced photo indexing.
  • Added support for setting a HybridMount file share as a background transcoding folder.
  • Added support for selecting Home and Qsync shared folders as content sources in Multimedia Console.

  • Added support for the VJBOD Cloud license.
  • VJBOD Cloud now supports one-to-one pairing between cloud volumes/LUNs and stored spaces.
  • VJBOD Cloud now supports block-based LUNs.
  • VJBOD Cloud now supports Wasabi cloud storage service.
  • VJBOD Cloud now supports Stored Mode, which allows users to download data from the cloud to the stored space on the NAS.
  • VJBOD Cloud now supports multiple recovery points for recovering volumes/LUNs.

Virtualization Station
  • vQTS 4.4.1 supports local installation via HTML5 console.

Control Panel - Hardware
  • vQTS 4.4.1 supports GPU pass-through from Virtualization Station. This makes the resources of the assigned GPU available for use by the apps/services of that vQTS.

  • Added support for managing shared folder encryption in File Station.
  • File Station supports encryption and decryption for files with the ".qenc" extension.

File Station
  • Added support for document collaboration via Microsoft Office Online.
  • File Station now supports converting Apple iWork file formats to Microsoft Office file formats using CloudConvert.
  • Added support for restoring QDFF files and folders with HBS 3 in File Station.

  • Added support for removing the ultra-high speed (SSD) tier from a Qtier auto-tiering storage pool.

  • Added Smart Snapshot Retention feature. Snapshots can now be retained by time period (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly).

Storage Management
    Added support for creating VJBOD cloud volumes.
  • To remove VJBOD Cloud Plug-in, you must first detach all cloud volumes.
  • Added support for creating hardware-encrypted storage pools using SED drives.
  • Added support for creating a one-time scheduled file system check.
  • Storage & Snapshots now tracks and displays the estimated remaining life of SSDs.
  • Added support for Fibre Channel storage protocol.
  • QNAP drive adapters QDA-A2AR and QDA-A2MAR can now be used to create NAS storage space.
  • QNAP drive adapter QDA-UMP can now be used to create NAS storage space.
  • Added support for Marvell QLogic Fibre Channel host bus adapters for the following NAS models: TS-832X, TS-432XU, TS-432XU-RP, TS-832XU, TS-832XU-RP, TS-1232XU, TS-1232XU-RP, and TS-1635AX.
  • Added support for RDMA/RoCE to enhance system performance when Broadcom network adapters are install on the NAS.
  • VJBOD Cloud now supports block-based LUNs.

User Group
  • Added quota support for user groups.

Expansion Card
  • Added support for Mustang-F100 FPGA and Mustang-V100 VPU cards. You can go to Control Panel and assign them as resources for the OpenVINO™ Workflow Consolidation Tool.

App Center
  • Added support for validating digital signatures and certificates.

Network and Virtual Switch
  • Added support for displaying Fibre Channel adapter information and status.

Resource monitor
  • Added support for displaying kernel process on the system process category.
  • Resource Monitor now supports monitoring VJBOD cloud volumes.

File Sharing Protocol
  • Added support for Samba 4.7.

  • Added support for account lockout after multiple failed login attempts.
  • McAfee Antivirus is now a standalone app and no longer a built-in feature in QTS. Users can install McAfee Antivirus in the App Center.

  • Added support for PostgreSQL 11.4 on the x86 NAS models.

  • Changed the password requirements to enhance system security.

Notification Center
  • Notification Center now provides an option to apply existing settings to notification rules where sender and recipient settings are missing.


Control Panel - Daylight SavingTime
  • Added support for cross-year daylight saving time settings.

Control Panel - Multimedia Console
  • Moved Media Streaming Add-on to App Center repository.

QTS - Security
  • Added version settings for TLS.
  • Added support for HTTP compression.
  • Modified the password policy to enhance user password security.
  • To enhance system security, "IP Access Protection" is enabled by default for the SSH, Telnet, and HTTP(S) protocols.

  • Added support for up to 20 UPS devices.

Web Server
  • Added version settings for TLS.
  • Added support for HTTP compression.

  • WebDAV is now disabled by default.

Storage Management
  • Updated IronWolf Health Management (IHM) to support new Seagate IronWolf and IronWolf Pro drive models.
  • QTS can now check for firmware updates for connected expansion devices and then prompt you to update them each time you log in.
  • Added support for performing S.M.A.R.T. tests for NVMe SSDs.

Network and Virtual Switch
  • Added indicators for interfaces that support WoL.

File Station
  • Added support for checking access logs in file or folder properties in File Station.

  • Reduced and optimized the maximum latency for SSD storage space.

Other Changes

  • Updated to SQLite 3.26.0.
  • Updated the Apache version to 2.4.39.
  • Updated the PHP version to 7.3.4.

File Station
  • Removed the "Show files and folders of my PC" function from File Station.

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