[finální verze] QuTS hero h5.0.0.1986 Build 20220324

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[finální verze] QuTS hero h5.0.0.1986 Build 20220324

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Vyšla finální verze firmware s označením "h5.0.0.1986".

Nová verze firmware QuTS hero řady 5.0 je k dispozici v rámci aktualizace QuTS hero ve vaši NAS, nebo je možné FW stáhnout i v sekci "Centrum stahování".

NAS modely, podporující QuTS hero 5
  • TS-h2490FU, TDS-h2489FU, TS-h3088XU, TVS-h1288X/TVS-h1688X, TS-h1886XU-RP/ TS-1886XU-RP, TS-h686/TS-h886, TNS-h1083X, TS-h1283XU/TS-h1683XU/TS-h2483XU, TS-h977XU-RP/TS-h1277XU-RP/TS-h1677XU-RP, TVS-h1675U-RP/TVS-h1275U-RP/TVS-h875U-RP/TVS-h875U, TVS-675, TS-h973AX/TS-473A/TS-673A/TS873A, TS-873AU/TS-873AU-RP/TS-1273AU-RP/TS-1673AU-RP, TVS-672X/TVS872X/TVS-672N/TVS-872N/TVS-472XT/TVS-672XT/TVS-872XT
Důležité poznámky
  • After this firmware update to QuTS hero h5.0.0.1986, please also update your Container Station to and your Browser Station to to ensure the functionality of these applications and their related applications.
  • QuTS hero does not support downgrading from h5.0.0 to h4.5.4 or earlier.
Aktualizace zabezpečení Vylepšení

Control Panel
  • QuTS hero now has a new design for distributing firmware update information, applicable to all NAS models running QuTS h5.0.0.1986 and later versions.
Opravené chyby
  • SnapSync jobs for iSCSI LUNs would fail after users updated QuTS hero to h5.0.0.1952.
  • Some SNMP OIDs (object identifiers) would display incorrect values.
  • NAS time settings would change from auto synchronization to manual configuration after users enabled "Additional Domain Controller" or "Read-only Domain Controller" in Control Panel > Privilege > Domain Controller.
  • The LAN-10G2SF-MLX network expansion card could not function normally after users updated QuTS hero to h5.0.0.
  • QuLog Center would display unexpected syslog entries for the local host.
  • After users joined the NAS to an Active Directory domain and enabled "Automatically register in DNS" in Control Panel, QuTS hero would only register the IP address of the last network interface to the AD DNS server.
  • After users deleted a shared folder, another shared folder would occasionally disappear even though it would still take up storage space.
  • If users deleted an iSCSI LUN export job before its completion, they would not be able to complete another iSCSI LUN export job.
  • When configuring an iSCSI target in iSCSI & Fibre Channel, users could not enable a large number of network interfaces at the same time. The network interfaces not listed on the first page would not be enabled.
  • Control Panel would automatically grant the read/write permission of an external drive to random users after a NAS restart.
  • Storage & Snapshots could not correctly display the amount of allocated space for a storage pool in Overview > Storage.
  • Storage & Snapshots could not display the M.2 SSDs installed on the QDA-U2MP.
Známé chyby
  • Twonky Server cannot function normally on the TS-h973AX running the latest versions of QuTS hero.
  • Some applications cannot access the NAS when secure connection and TLS 1.3 are enabled. This is due to a known issue in the applications. We will fix this issue in upcoming app releases.
  • MacOS Finder takes a long time to display content in SMB shared folders when users connect the Mac to the NAS via Thunderbolt. This problem may be due to Mac device driver issues. It only occurs to Mac devices with Intel processors and macOS 11 (or later versions).
  • Thunderbolt write speeds are lower than expected in QuTS hero h5.0.0. Note: Due to Thunderbolt driver compatibility issues, if you are using macOS 11/12 devices with Intel processors, we do not recommend updating QuTS hero to h5.0.0 for the time being.
  • QTS and QuTS hero with newer kernel versions do not support ATTO Fibre Channel adapters. If you have already installed an ATTO Fibre Channel adapter on your device, we do not recommend updating the firmware to QTS 5.0.0 or QuTS hero h5.0.0 for the time being.
Další změny

Control Panel
  • Replaced SQL Server with MariaDB 5/MariaDB 10, which can be installed in the App Center.
  • Removed iSCSI Service from Service Binding in Control Panel. Users can now configure iSCSI service binding settings in iSCSI & Fibre Channel.
  • Qboost is no longer a built-in application in QuTS hero. Users can choose to install Qboost in the App Center.
Storage & Snapshots
  • Starting from QuTS hero h5.0.0, ZFS Pool Profiling Tool is no longer a built-in utility. Users can choose to download this tool from the App Center.
  • To ensure data security, system stability, and storage performance, the maximum number of drives for a single RAID group is now 16 (applicable to RAID 5, RAID 6, RAID TP, and subgroups of RAID 50 and RAID 60). Nevertheless, users can combine multiple RAID groups into a large storage pool that contains more than 16 drives, using RAID 50, RAID 60, or RAID 10 as the RAID configuration. This enhancement will only be applied to new RAID groups. All existing RAID groups and storage systems will not be affected.
  • The lowest SMB version is now SMB 2 by default.
Zdroj: https://www.qnap.com/cs-cz/release-note ... 9/20220215

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