[finální verze] QuTS hero h5.0.1.2277 build 20230112

Vše ohledně QNAP firmwarů "QTS, QuTS hero, QES a QuRouter" - stabilní i beta verze.
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[finální verze] QuTS hero h5.0.1.2277 build 20230112

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K dispozici je finální verze firmware s označením "h5.0.1.2277".

Nová verze firmware QuTS hero řady 5 je k dispozici v rámci aktualizace QuTS hero ve vaši NAS, nebo je možné FW stáhnout i v sekci "Centrum stahování".

Použitelné modely
  • TS-h2490FU/TS-h1090FU
  • TS-h1290FX
  • TDS-h2489FU
  • TS-h3088XU
  • TVS-h1288X/TVS-h1688X
  • TS-h987XU/TS-h987XU-RP/TS-h1887XU-RP/TS-h2287XU-RP/TS-h3087XU-RP
  • TS-h1886XU-RP/TS-1886XU-RP/TS-1886XU-RP R2/TS-h1886XU-RP R2
  • TS-h686/TS-h886
  • TNS-h1083X
  • TS-h1283XU-RP/TS-h1683XU-RP/TS-h2483XU-RP
  • TS-h977XU-RP/TS-h1277XU-RP/TS-h1677XU-RP/TS-h2477XU-RP
  • TVS-h1675U-RP/TVS-h1275U-RP/TVS-h875U-RP/TVS-h875U
  • TVS-675
  • TVS-h474/TVS-h674/TVS-h874
  • TS-873AU/TS-873AU-RP/TS-1273AU-RP/TS-1673AU-RP/TS-873AeU/TS-873AeU-RP
  • TS-h973AX/TS-473A/TS-673A/TS-873A
  • TVS-672X/TVS-872X/TVS-672N/TVS-872N/TVS-472XT/TVS-672XT/TVS-872XT
  • TS-1655
Nové vlastnosti

  • To ensure the availability of your data, Storage & Snapshots now supports "Replace & Detach", which allows you to copy data from a faulty disk to a spare disk and then safely detach the faulty disk.
Aktualizace zabezpečení
  • Fixed the security issue CVE-2022-27600.
  • Applied multiple security updates to further enhance system security.
Opravené chyby
  • Fixed an issue where QuTS Hero might sometimes report abnormal fan speeds on the QM2 expansion card.
  • Fixed an issue where users could not unlock an encrypted folder in File Station and the system might display an error message after a failed attempt.
  • Fixed an issue where installing certain applications might occasionally cause Storage & Snapshots to keep refreshing shared folder statuses.
  • Fixed an issue where users could not close the Quick Start wizard in Network & Virtual Switch if there had been another user whose username only differed in case sensitivity.
  • Fixed an issue where security logs might repeatedly record the same events.
  • Fixed an issue where File Station would display a preview window instead of directly downloading files when users tried to download files via a share link.
  • Fixed an issue where the system generated dnsmasq logs whenever QVPN was connected or disconnected, causing insufficient space on the ram disk.
  • Fixed an issue where the system could not mount a RDX QuikStor external drive that was formatted in ext4 and set to write-protection mode.
  • Fixed an issue where the system would create a duplicate snapshot schedule if users clicked the "Apply" button twice when editing a snapshot schedule.
  • Fixed an issue where users could not back up data for an exFAT external drive with HBS.
  • Fixed an issue where the Overview section in Storage & Snapshots could not correctly display the status of SED drives.
  • Fixed an issue where after entering the auto-protection mode, the NAS could not restart when the UPS resumed power. (Note: If a UPS is set up, the NAS can enter the auto-protection mode in the event of a power outage. Normally, the NAS will restart when the UPS resumes power.)
  • Resolved an issue where the system could not send SNMP traps via a specified IP address after users created a VLAN connection.
  • Fixed an issue where the NAS might occasionally shut down unexpectedly after users updated Container Station to 3.0.
Známé chyby
  • Users sometimes cannot switch between different FEC (Forward Error Correction) modes for the QXG-25G2SF-CX6LX network expansion card.
  • SnapSync jobs for LUNs may fail after users edit LUN names.
  • After users edit LUN settings and run a Snapshot Replica job, the destination NAS cannot correctly display LUN information in Snapshot Vault.
  • Storage & Snapshots and iSCSI & Fibre Channel sometimes display different sizes of the same LUN after users revert a LUN by importing a snapshot.
Zdroj: https://www.qnap.com/cs-cz/release-note ... 7/20230112

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