[finální verze] QTS build 20220531

Vše ohledně QNAP firmwarů "QTS, QuTS hero, QES a QuRouter" - stabilní i beta verze.
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[finální verze] QTS build 20220531

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K dispozici je verze firmware s označením "".

Nová verze firmware QTS řady 5.0 je k dispozici v rámci aktualizace QTS ve vaši NAS, nebo je možné FW stáhnout i v sekci "Centrum stahování".

Použitelné modely
  • HS-251+,S2
  • QMiroPlus-201W
  • Mustang-F100,Mustang-V100,Mustang-200-i7-1T-32G-R10,Mustang-200-i5-1T-32G-R10,Mustang-200-C-8G-R10,Mustang-200
  • QBoat Sunny
  • QGD-1600P,QGD-1600P v0
  • QGD-1602P
  • QGD-3014-16PT
  • TS-453S Pro,TS-853S Pro
  • TS-531P
  • TS-216,TS-416
  • TS-128A,TS-228A,TS-212P3,TS-130,D1 Rev-B
  • TS-231P3,TS-431P3
  • TS-231P2,TS-431P2
  • TS-831X,TS-531X,TS-431X,TS-431X2,TS-431X3,TS-431KX
  • TS-431XU,TS-831XU,TS-1231XU,TS-431XU-RP,TS-831XU-RP,TS-1231XU-RP,TS-431XeU
  • TS-932X,TS-832X,TS-332X,TS-532X,TS-932PX,TS-832PX
  • TS-432XU-RP,TS-432XU,TS-832XU-RP,TS-832XU,TS-1232XU-RP,TS-1232XU,TS-432PXU,TS-432PXU-RP,TS-832PXU,TS-832PXU-RP,TS-1232PXU,TS-1232PXU-RP
  • TS-133,TS-233,TS-433
  • TS-1635
  • TS-1635AX
  • TS-435XeU
  • TS-231+,TS-431+,TS-131P,TS-231P,TS-431P,TS-131K,TS-231K,TS-431K,D2,D4,D4 Rev-B
  • TS-251,TS-451,TS-651,TS-851,TS-451S,TS-251+,TS-451+,TS-351,D2 Pro Rev-B,D4 Pro Rev-B
  • TS-251A,TS-451A,D2 Pro,D4 Pro
  • TS-251B
  • TS-451DeU,TS-453DU,TS-453DU-RP,TS-853DU-RP,TS-1253DU-RP
  • TS-451U
  • TS-253 Pro,TS-453 Pro,TS-653 Pro,TS-853 Pro,TS-453mini,IS-453S
  • TS-453Bmini,TS-253B,TS-453B,TS-653B,TS-453BT3,TS-253Be,TS-453Be
  • TS-853BU,TS-853BU-RP,TS-1253BU,TS-1253BU-RP,TS-453BU,TS-453BU-RP
  • HS-453DX,TBS-453DX,TS-251D,TS-253D,TS-653D,TS-453D,TS-451D,TS-453Dmini,TS-451D2
  • TBS-453A,TS-253A,TS-453A,TS-653A,TS-853A,D6 Pro,D8 Pro
  • TS-453U,TS-853U,TS-1253U,TS-453U-RP,TS-853U-RP,TS-1253U-RP,R4
  • TVS-463,TVS-663,TVS-863,TVS-863+,TS-563,TS-963X,TS-963N
  • TS-463U,TS-463U-RP,TS-863U,TS-863U-RP,TS-1263U,TS-1263U-RP,TS-463XU,TS-463XU-RP,TS-863XU,TS-863XU-RP,TS-1263XU,TS-1263XU-RP
  • TS-564,HS-264,TBS-464,TS-262C,TS-462C,TS-264C,TS-464C,TS-364,TS-464,TS-664
  • TS-464U,TS-464U-RP,TS-1264U-RP,TS-464eU,TS-864eU,TS-864eU-RP
  • TVS-471,TVS-671,TVS-871,TVS-871T
  • TVS-871U-RP,TVS-1271U-RP,TVS-471U-RP,TVS-471U,R8
  • TVS-472XT,TVS-672XT,TVS-872XT,TVS-672N,TVS-872N,TVS-872X,TVS-672X,TVS-472X
  • TVS-872XU,TVS-872XU-RP,TVS-1272XU-RP,TVS-1672XU-RP,TVS-2472XU-RP,TVS-972XU,TVS-972XU-RP
  • TVS-473,TVS-673,TVS-873,TVS-473e,TVS-673e,TVS-873e
  • TS-h973AX,TS-473A,TS-673A,TS-873A
  • TS-873AU,TS-873AU-RP,TS-1273AU-RP,TS-1673AU-RP,TS-873AeU,TS-873AeU-RP
  • TS-873U,TS-1273U,TS-1673U,TS-873U-RP,TS-1273U-RP,TS-1673U-RP
  • TVS-675
  • TVS-h875U,TVS-h875U-RP,TVS-h1275U-RP,TVS-h1675U-RP
  • TS-1277,TS-877,TS-677,TS-1677X
  • TS-877XU,TS-877XU-RP,TS-1277XU-RP,TS-1677XU-RP,TS-2477XU-RP,TS-977XU-RP,TS-977XU,TS-h1277XU-RP,TS-h977XU-RP,TS-h1677XU-RP,TS-h2477XU-RP
  • TS-EC880 Pro,TS-EC1080 Pro,TVS-EC880,TVS-EC1080,TVS-EC1080+
  • TVS-882T,TVS-1282T,TVS-682,TVS-882,TVS-1282,TVS-682T,TVS-1282T3,TVS-882BR,TVS-882BRT3
  • TVS-882ST,TVS-882ST3
  • TVS-1582TU
  • TS-883XU,TS-883XU-RP,TS-1283XU-RP,TS-1683XU-RP,TS-983XU,TS-983XU-RP,TS-2483XU-RP,TS-h1283XU-RP,TS-h2483XU-RP,TS-h1683XU-RP
  • TS-1685,TS-h886,TS-h686
  • TES-3085U,TES-1885U,TS-1886XU-RP,TS-h1886XU-RP,TS-h1886XU-RP R2
  • TS-2888X,TVS-h1688X,TVS-h1288X
  • TS-h3088XU-RP
  • TDS-16489U
  • TS-h2490FU
  • TS-328,TS-428,TS-230,D2 Rev-B
  • TS-551
  • TS-473,TS-673,TS-873
  • TVS-951X,TVS-951N
  • GM-1000,TNS-h1083X,TNS-h1083X (A Side),TNS-h1083X (B Side)
  • TS-i410X
Důležité poznámky
  • After firmware updates to QTS 5.0.0, the following models cannot be downgraded to earlier QTS versions due to changes in software compatibility: TS-131K, TS-231K, TS-431K, TS-431XeU, TS-431X3, TS-231P3, and TS-431P3.
Bezpečnostní aktualizace Opravené chyby
  • NAS CPU usage and memory usage would increase significantly when running a backup job from the NAS to a TR-004 expansion enclosure whose file system was HFS+.
  • The "hidden" file attribute would be disabled after users copied hidden files from Windows 10 to the NAS.
  • File names would change after users copied files from the NAS to an external USB drive due to issues in HFS+ driver.
  • On the TS-1886XU-RP, the system fans would stop if users chose to adjust the fan speeds according to the temperature threshold and if the system temperature was below the threshold.
  • QTS would display unexpected error messages about DMC and GuC firmware on the TS-x64.
  • QTS would sometimes display unexpected error messages about OpenSSL when users visited certain websites.
  • Users could not obtain up-to-date volume information for created or removed volumes when querying SNMP OIDs.
  • Feature description in "Control Panel" > "System" was not correctly translated into Simplified Chinese.
  • Some LDAP domain users and domain groups would be missing after users restored an LDAP database to another NAS that had a different processor architecture.
  • QTS would display a message that asked users to disable 2-step verification on the destination NAS of Snapshot Replica jobs even if 2-step verification was already disabled.
  • Users could not perform DNS queries with IPv6 for the local device.
  • Network & Virtual Switch could not display certain information when users selected a virtual switch as the system default gateway and disabled NCSI (Network Connectivity Status Indicator).
  • Static Route would stop functioning after a network adapter was connected or disconnected.
  • Network & Virtual Switch could not display correct information for network interfaces when users installed an external network adapter on a NAS model that supported USB QuickAccess.
  • Certain users could not successfully update ClamAV virus definitions.
  • Control Panel would display an unexpected user "browser-station" when importing users from another NAS where Browser Station was installed.
  • In File Station, after uploading files via FTP, users could not delete these files from search results.
  • In File Station, users could not delete a subfolder by right-clicking the subfolder on the left pane and then selecting "Delete".
  • In File Station, after copying files from an external USB device, users could not delete these files from search results.
  • The NAS would stop responding when users searched for a large number of UTF-8 files via SSH on an HFS+ external drive.
Známé chyby
  • macOS Finder takes a long time to display content in SMB shared folders when users connect the Mac to the NAS via Thunderbolt. This problem may be due to Mac device driver issues. It only occurs to Mac devices with Intel processors and macOS 11 (or later versions).
  • Thunderbolt write speeds are lower than expected in QTS 5.0.0. Note: Due to Thunderbolt driver compatibility issues, if you are using macOS 11/12 devices with Intel processors, we do not recommend updating QTS to 5.0.0 for the time being.
  • QTS and QuTS hero with newer kernel versions do not support ATTO Fibre Channel adapters. If you have already installed an ATTO Fibre Channel adapter on your device, we do not recommend updating the firmware to
  • QTS 5.0.0 or QuTS hero h5.0.0 for the time being.
  • Control Panel cannot display the information of the TPU installed in the M.2 slot on the QGD-1602P.
Zdroj: https://www.qnap.com/cs-cz/release-note ... 5/20220531

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